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Share 3Fold City Growers

Share 3Fold City Growers

GOAL: Spread truth and empowerment rather than confusion and fear

3Fold Productions can’t possibly share all of the City Growers in the world on our own. If you have a creative itch and a desire to start seeing empowerment rather than destruction on the mediums you control, then help your city grow with your unique contribution. If you know of a City Grower, share their story with your own unique production.

Highlight a City Grower because:

  • You want to see at least one positive story in your FB or twitter feed, even it’s only your post
  • You know a story of a City Grower that would make a better social/digital media post than a twerking video
  • You believe YOU can make a difference

Think outside, on top of, and all around the box! Be creative! And be sure to use #3FoldCityGrowers

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