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Why We Do It

Why We Do It

There are many reasons for why we do what we do. There’s the fact that marketing is an exciting and rewarding career for those that love creativity. There are the statistics about how this is a fast growing industry due to technological increase. There are even the calls to action by city leaders saying that we need to make this into a marketable world-class city so that others will bring their lives and their business here.

However, long before any of those calls were made, we heard someone tell us that they were going to have to chose between medication and food for Thanksgiving, but food from one of our initiatives put them in position to not have to decide. So for that reason, whether the call to social responsibility stays trendy, or if it falls off tomorrow, we still know the need that’s out there and the calling that WE have, so OUR mission stays the same:

Produce empowering initiatives, equip like-minded organizations to effectively do the same, and make sure the community not only hears positive messages, but also connects with programs and services that can help them

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