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Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Event Marketing is one of the fastest growing tools used by businesses to interact with the communities they wish to serve. In continuance with the statistics quoted in the Video Production section, studies show that people retain 70% of what they say or discuss with others, 80% of what they experience personally, but 90% of what they say AND do. That explains why, according to recent research, event and digital marketing encompasses about 50% of the annual marketing budget for most successful businesses and organizations. The two work quite well together.


  • Can instantly turn contacts to potential leads
  • Develops public Image
  • Improves your network
  • Provides awesome opportunites to market your company before during and after the process of marketing your event
  • Position yourself as a solution to relevant issue

What we bring: For the past decade, our team has been handling every aspect of producing and marketing events. Whether you are looking for supplementary programming, looking for marketing assistance for your existing event, need an event produced from the ground up, or are looking to plug into an existing event, we can handle your event marketing needs.

Application: Concerts, Fundraisers, Webinars, Discussion panels, Cultural events, etc. 

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