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Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing is perhaps the ultimate bridge between business and community. It encompasses a wide variety of commercial activity that aligns a company or brand with a cause to generate commercial and societal benefits. Cause marketing can be used to raise funds for a problem, it can raise awareness about a product or service, or it can align a business with a certain cause or issue.


  • Enhance visibility of your cause or message
  • Increase volunteer pool, Access new audiences
  • Improve ethical image for companies that need it
  • Increase funding

What we bring: We have a network of entertainers, producers, and a socially conscious organizations to produce a one-stop, tailor-made, powerful experience centered around most any positive cause. We also have several ongoing 3Fold City Growing initiatives, one of which is bound to touch on a cause that you would benefit from plugging into.

Application: Cause oriented Events, Initiatives, Promotions and/or Campaigns

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